Meet Dr. Cathrin Marshall

Holistic Health Practitioner and Medical Intuitive

 The Body and Mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one
without the other
.”           – Candace Pert, PhD


INTUITIVE MEDICINE will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness.

Most of Dr. Cat’s clients have been ill for many years and have sought out various methods of treatment . By seeing the cause of physical problems, Dr. Cat provides the insight necessary for whole-person healing. The entire being of the individual is taken into consideration, instead of just one element. Energy Medicine awakens energies that bring vitality, joy and enthusiasm to your life-and greater health to your body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Cat uses Hair Analysis, Homotoxicology, Bio- regeneration  to expedite the body’s ability to restore its own balance.  Dr. Cat can simultaneously see both physical problems and their emotional roots.

A Medical Intuitive sees the causes of your problems whether their
origin exist at the physical, emotional or spiritual levels.

Root causes of physical symptoms are easily determined. Emotional blockages that can impair growth in all areas of your life are pinpointed. Beyond seeing issues in a holistic way, Dr. Cat resolves them, eliminating them from their root-cause outward to the physical symptoms.

Intuitive medicine offers an insight into the emotional,
psychological or spiritual issues. that lies at the
root of illness or crisis.

Dr. Cathrin Marshall holds a PhD in Holistic Health and has been a United States Registered Nurse for over 25 years. She is originally from Heilbronn, German, moved to the US in her twenties now resides in Hillhead Hampshire United Kingdom.

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