Children with ADHD

Do you see your Child as:

  • Children with ADHDsad and listless
  • having little or no recognition of danger
  • making inappropriate noises
  • often irritable, restless and has frequent temper tantrums
  • screaming or overall loud
  • persistent when he/she want something and has a low frustration level
  • having difficulty sleeping, or falling asleep during the day or waking early in the morning
  • having physical complaints
  • having more than expected vomiting with breast feeding
  • often sick
  • getting frequent injuries
  • having poor balance or is walking on tip toes
  • having excessive wax in ears
  • clingy and in need of constant attention
  • having teachers suggest your child may have an attention issue
  • showing aggressive behaviour
  • chewing on clothes
  • unable to move from one task to another
  • appearing to not hear you
  • pale and often look tired or sick or have dark rings under eyes
  • complaining about clothes being itchy or not feeling good


If you have answered ‘yes’ to some of the above questions, my book

The ADHD Myth:

Improve your temperamentally difficult
child’s behaviour with easy to follow
dietary and behavioural tips

May be just what you’ve been looking for.


ADHD Myth by Dr. Cathrin MarshallThis book is an easy way to start making positive changes. Our food quality, daily stress and complex living situations have made raising a child in so many way more difficult. I believe that most are not gluten intolerant but the quality of such foods brings about a reaction. Wheat, corn or sy in large quantities can be difficult for any small child dto digest. More important is the quality of the food, the soil it is grown in, if it has been genetically altered and if pesticides have been used.

Food coloring and dyes are the number one reason for hyperactive children. The information is overwhelming. I strongly encourage you to educate yourself and to find your own way. Follow your own feelings and listen to your child. Please feel free to contact me at any time or listen to my radio show.


The strategies in this book are the same strategies
I use every day with my clients in my office.

I truly want you to be be a proud parent
with a happy child!

About the Author, Dr. Cathrin Marshall)

We are VERY pleased to offer the book as an
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Learn how to enjoy your child again.