Holistic Health Practitioner and Medical Intuitive

Intuitive Medicine Dr. Cat Marshall

A Medical Intuitive perceives information concerning the human body.

Often intuitive medicine will be able to explain the connection of the energy
to an emotion or an event causing the illness.

Emotional Medical IntuitiveThey can identify energy blockages and imbalances, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of their clients overall health and well being.

One of the key benefits intuitive medicine offers is an insight into the emotional, psychological or spiritual issue that lies at the root of illness or crisis.  Often conventional medicine has been unsuccessful and will only treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

The practice of using intuition or clairvoyance for medical information dates back to Phianeas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866) whose intuitive healing practice began in 1854.

Edgar Cayce, (1877-1945) was known as one of the most well known medical-clairvoyants.

Dr. Norm Sheally along with Caroline Myss first coined the term “medical intuitive” in 1987 as part of Sheally’s research on intuition and medical-application.

While specializing in -psychiatric, -oncology and -hospice care, Dr. Cat Marshall recognized the immense correlation between physical ailment, emotional trauma and imbalance within the body.

Dr. Cat’s clients find working with her is a richly rewarding experience with profound results.  She has a natural ability to see beyond traditional work and utilizes her medical intuitive component with her.

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