Cellular Nutrition and Preventative Medicine

Cellular Nutrition 

Dr Cat intuitively recognises the strengths and weaknesses of her clients overall health and well being.

One of the key benefits is the full understanding of Oxidative stress which lies at the root of illness or crisis.  Often conventional medicine has been unsuccessful and will only treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

“Cellular nutrition is providing the body with all the antioxidants along with the supporting B vitamins and antioxidant minerals at optimal levels. This is “preventive medicine” at its best because we can literally attack the disease process at its core by preventing oxidative stress from occurring. ”                                   Dr. Ray Strand

While specializing in -psychiatric, -oncology and -hospice care as a RN, Dr. Cat Marshall recognized the immense correlation between physical ailment, emotional trauma and imbalance within the body.

Dr. Cat’s clients find working with her is a richly rewarding experience with profound results.  She has a natural ability to see beyond traditional work and utilizes her medical intuitive component.

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