Services and Fees

Dr. Cat was a State Registered Nurse from the late 1980′s to early 2004. She worked in the psychiatric field, women’s health, oncology and hospice.

After completing her doctorate in Naturology and Phd in Holistic Health  Dr. Cat started working with clients on prevention health and correcting imbalances.  Combining her intuitive ability with years in the medical field provide a well rounded approach.

Her Service and Fees include the following:

  • Your reading may be scheduled in person, via skype or telephone consultation. Each method is equally effective. We will discuss the medical intuitive, physical and emotional components. She will provide you with solutions on how to ease the physical symptoms of your health problems with homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet changes and others treatments.

60 minute sessions £75 or $125

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: Offers you a blue print of the biochemistry in your body. You will no longer have to guess at what your body needs to return to a healthy state. Testing is painless, quick and accurate. You will receive a written summary, dietary suggestions, mineral and vitamin suggestions.

Laboratory fees £65 or $105

  • Appointment with Dr. Cat to discuss hair analysis result. Recommendations will vary with each session and/or client.

60 minute appointment £75 or $125

  • Consultation to discuss various health related issues, medical history and any follow up.

60 minute appointment £75 or $125

All appointments are scheduled by Kya.

48 hour cancellation or rescheduling is required, if not all fees apply.